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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is an
End of Life Doula?

Just as a Birth Doula is there at the beginning, an End of Life Doula is there for the end of our journey. This means that during the last months or weeks or days, an End of Life Doula serves to create a compassionate, calm, natural, and as normal experience as can be.

An End of Life Doula, also known as an End of Life Midwife or a Death Doula, is a non-medical and holistic practitioner who guides individuals and their families through the dying process by way of presence, support, advocacy, education, and companionship. 

Why do I need an End of Life Doula?

Caring for someone who is dying can be traumatic and confusing for family members, especially in a culture where caring for the dead is not ingrained in society.

End of Life Doulas are a calming and reassuring presence with knowledge of the death process, and a compassionate resource for families who may be overwhelmed and grieving at the impending death of their loved one.

What services are available?

Through listening and exploration, I help frame legacy and offer support while accompanying the dying person on their transition through the last days and hours. Centered on the dying person, time is shared at home, hospitals, nursing homes, or hospice residence. This is non-medical care; it is contemplative care without a religious doctrine.

I guide family members through the process of death, telling them what to expect and acting as an advocate for them and for the decedent with representatives of the hospital, funeral homes, and other personnel who may be involved in the death process.

Please contact me today to discuss any questions you might have. As always, consultations are free.

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